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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

by carolineandthesuperkids

Dear Diary,

Today we wanted to paint rainbows, to wear rainbows and to share rainbows.

A kid’s heart is full of hope and kindness, and we want to share that with the World.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

So, we made some rainbows! 🌈


To make this beautiful rainbow rocks, we used:

  1. Different colors of acrylic paint for the base (Mama painted them outside because the smell is a little strong).
  2. To paint the rainbows and the other design, we used this Permanent Oil Based Paint Markers Fine Tip that you can find in Amazon. They are amazing, we love the colors and they are easy to use for us. Mama helped us to paint the borders of the rainbows and some details.
  3. To paint the metallic silver effects that you see in the clouds, hearts and borders of the letters, we used this set of Paint Markers Extra-Fine. 
  4. To protect the rocks of the rain and give that special shiny touch, Mama used this Spray Gloss Finish Acrylic Sealer, that you can also find on Amazon. 

Please note that Mama helped us in all the process, we LOVE painting rocks always with Mamas help! 

But the best part of our day was that, except for the one that says FAMILY, we gave away our rocks. We left them in the doors of some friends and family, and also, we left some around our neighborhood. 

We want to spread our HOPE as we know that people need it.

Always remember that “Little things matter the most”.  

With love,

Caroline and Brady

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