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The beach is combed, but not my hair!

by carolineandthesuperkids

Dear Diary,

One of our favorites things to do is going to the beach, even in Winter. 

One morning, we wanted to go very early as it is almost empty and peaceful. So we took breakfast, brushed our teeth, put our clothes and jackets, and went to our favorite beach. And guess what? There was a tractor combing the sand! It is was fun to see how they do it, and the sand looked like new!

It was cold but sunny so we enjoyed running around and playing with some toys.

We know how lucky we are to enjoy places like this, in this time. Our Mama explains to us about the Coronavirus, so we have to stay in home as much as we can and being careful when we go outside. She told us that we can not be close to other people and that we have to use face masks, that also makes us look so cute.

When we were there, a group of 5 people were walking for exercise, all of them were wearing face masks and they said hi to us, they loved our face masks which are actually bandanas. Of course, we said hi too.

Even that we have to remain physically apart of others, WE MUST ALWAYS BE KIND. That makes the world feel that we are all together.

That morning also was super windy. At the end of our play time there, Mama took a picture of me, and I said: “Mama, the beach is combed but no my hair!”.

With love,

Caroline and Brady

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