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Memorial Day – A Date To Learn and Remember

by carolineandthesuperkids

Dear Diary,

A couple weeks ago, we were watching the last Trolls movie (World Tour) and in one scene, somebody said that “the music is part of our culture“.

We didn’t understand what CULTURE means, so we asked Mom and she said that it is what we are (our customs), what we do (our traditions) and also it is our history.

Being honest, we didn’t really understand her explanation but we did it today, when she told us about Memorial Day.

She said that Today is a Day to commemorate the Military people that have lost their lives serving our country. It is a very important day but makes us a little sad because we don’t understand why they died. We have a lot of questions, and we think that Mom feels a little confused too. 

Anyway, what is clear to us, is that Memorial Day is part of our American Culture. To remember and honor these lives is part of our history and we are very proud of who we are, we are proud of our Culture.

But, we have the dream and hope that no more people would die in wars or things like that, never ever. We dream that all the bad people become good ones, and that we have a World full of love, patience and tolerance. As we listen in a song: “you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”.


Today and everyday, for that souls that died, for their families and friends, we send our respects and appreciation. Thank you.

With love,

Caroline and Brady.


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