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Talk to your kids about George Floyd!

by carolineandthesuperkids

This is the Face of a six year old when we told him what happened to George Floyd … He thought for a bit and said:


“Why didn’t the policeman use his words instead of his knee?”
“What if he now regrets what he did?”
“Why can police drive fast if we can’t?”


Talk to your kids!!!
This CAN NOT continue happening and there MUST be consequences.


Today, we want to share this post from our friend Silvia about George Floyd. Silvia is the wonderful Mother of Super Max, an adorable boy that we knew when we lived in Manhattan. They are one of our dearest friends, and we really admire the dedication, love and guidance that Silvia and her husband give to their kids.

About George Floyd, for the people that don’t know, he was an African-American man that died on May 25, 2020, after a policeman kept his knee on the right side of Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. Floyd repeatedly said that he can’t breath, but the policeman didn’t move his knee, not even when Floyd lost his consciousness. This is a very sad chapter of our American history, and it is not the only one.

So when Silvia shared her post in Facebook, we realized how important her reflection was. We need to talk to our kids about what is happening because this can’t continue happening, because they must know that it is not correct, that it is not acceptable. It is a not easy conversation, in fact, for us, it was painful as it was the first time that we talked to our kids about things “like that”. So we did it carefully, but we did it.

Thank you Silvia for letting us share your post and Max’s reaction. Thank you for making us think about this, which made us decide to talk with Caroline and Brady.

Let’s go Superkids, let’s make this world a FAIR one, a RESPECTFUL one, an EMPATHETIC one.

The homework start right now!


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